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Your imagination.



With Eureka,

you don't need to hold back.

Let your creativity run wild.

Great minds think alike.
Two is better than one.

"With great marketing, comes great ROI."

- Spiderman's Uncle. Maybe.

We work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure that idea of yours is communicated across just the way you want it. 

Big Brain Time

Why go solo when you can harness the power of dozens of young, talented creatives? Work them creative juices, it's big brain time!

Quality Stock Footages

So you don't see a need to get a Hollywood production team. Well, lucky for you, we have an insane collection of stock footage that are shot in sequence. (4K, too.)


Amazing, I know.

Bottom-Up Culture

Without our team of dedicated creatives, we are nobody. Our culture encourages everyone to speak out, because everyone deserves a chance to voice their opinions.

100% Transparency

We understand the struggles of working with someone but not being in the loop. At Eureka, full transparency is a must. Trust is important.

Eureka Studios
Boundless. Limitless. Infinite.

There are no limits to the human mind.

Creativity is ingrained in us.

Eureka Studios under promises and overdelivers.


At Eureka, we adopt the Pareto Principle, namely the 80-20 rule. We divide our work accordingly to ensure top-notch quality is achieved. Our team of professionals are encouraged to freely express their creativity. Limiting creativity will only backfire. It's the passion for design that drives us.  


We don't stop till you're satisfied.

If you're happy, we're happy.

Go deeper.
Think out of the box.

Tune out the chatter.
Tune in to your heart.

What other people say may not always be true. Listen to your heart, trust your gut.

The material that you've always wanted, designed with boundless creativity and limitless imagination. 

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and more
to come..

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